Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My First Time

No, this isn't going to be that kind of blog. Welcome to Intro Omnis Sententia, or Enter All Opinions. This is my first foray into blogging. Now, why, you may ask, am I starting a blog in the first place? Aren't there enough people bloviating out there about random stuff? Who would want to read my opinions on anything anyway? Well, I don't have the answers to those questions just yet. In fact, it is because I don't have those answers that I am starting this blog. While I may be able to define myself and my opinions in certain ways (progressive, Survivor-loving, Phillies-hating, etc.), I like to think I am rather open to other people's thoughts and positions. I find that engaging in conversation, debate and argument with those of differing viewpoints is rather stimulating and necessary for my own progress as a citizen of this country and of the world. Hence this blog and its title. I'd like this space to be a place where not only can I get some of my thoughts out of my head an expressed in some tangible form, but to open those ideas up to criticism and expansion.

Now, as for the topics of this blog, they will really cover anything that pops into my brain or you bring up. However, the focus, at least initially, will be on politics, entertainment and a little sports. As you will learn about me, I was a theater and political science double major back in college. Strange I know, but those are my passions, and as a reuslt, I have some opinions about those subjects. I used to work on Broadway (and my wife still does), was a special events producer, but am now an attorney with a focus on entertainment and intellectual property law. Further, despite always having an interest in politics and government, I became much more involved (read: obsessed) during the last two years and the presidential campaign. This is all to say that this blog will focus on these items, but will in no way be restricted to them. Again, I am aiming for a free-flow of ideas and opinions, so wherever that flow takes us, I am all for it.

As it is the holiday season, and this blog is just starting up, my initial posts will be shorter (well, except this one I guess) and mostly provide links to other interesting articles and posts that I read. Please take a look at the ever-expanding blogrolls to the right. This is where my daily quest for knoweldge starts, but by no means ends. If you have any interesting links, please share them -- we'll all be better people for it.

So, here we go. Thanks for getting through this first post, and hopefully you'll join me in a little conversation. Happy Holidays!

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