Friday, January 23, 2009


So, one would think that on a busy public street, in a relatively wealthy neighborhood, in the middle of the day, nothing would happen to one's car.  One would be wrong.  Yesterday afternoon someone boosted my Honda Fit and removed the two rear wheels.  I was alerted to this at about 12:30am by a neighbor who said one of our wheels was missing.  I went outside, and there was my car sitting on a cinder block and a large stone.  Unfreakingbelievable.  Moral of the story?  Get lug-nut locks and a real alarm system.  And get a garage.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change has Come to America

Thousands of pages have been written, and a million words have been spoken about the inauguration of President Barack Obama. As someone who has supported this man since before he declared his intention to run on that cold day in February 2007, I cannot possibly describe to you the emotions I felt yesterday watching him take the Oath of Office (btw, thanks a lot CJ Roberts. Note cards in 4 years, OK?). As a result, although it may be antithetical to the idea of a blog in general, and this blog specifically, I am not going to. Let's suffice it to say I am proud and, for the first time since I lost what I thought was a permanent job in February of last year, motivated to get myself going again. So, thank you President Obama, for giving me and the country some smelling salts, waking us out of our stupor, and calling us to be something more than we are now. We will obviously have much more to talk about in the coming days, weeks, months and years as this Administration unfolds, but for now, let's take one more breath to soak in what is on the horizon (enjoy Lost tonight!), and then move swiftly toward realizing our shared future.

Destiny Calls

Fans of the best drama on television will understand the topic title above. That's right, Lost is back tonight for the premiere of its fifth season with two all new episodes after a one hour recap, all starting at 8pm Eastern on ABC. As is evidenced by my only other extensive post to date, I am a huge fan of the show and have been waiting (somewhat) patiently for tonight. I could go into a long discussion here, but others I admire have done so already, and well, it's already 3pm and many people won't get to this in time. Anyway, as always, check out the links to the right, especially Doc Jensen's take on where we are now, and Erika's take on what questions remain to be answered. I will try to get something up with my thoughts on the show tomorrow. Who would have thought maintaining a blog while earning a living could be so difficult! Enjoy the show!