Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost - "This Place is Death"

Wow, that's a pretty heavy title for tonight's episode. The executive producers have already put the kibosh on the idea that the Island is Purgatory or that the Lostaways are all dead, so I don't think there's any worry of that type of reveal. Still, color me intrigued. Some stuff to think about going into tonight:

*Who is Sun after? Ben? Jack? Someone else? She's been all sorts of shady, and seemingly blames Ben for Jin's "death," but how would she know Ben killed Keamy? Erika went into this a bit in her review for "The Little Prince;" I just don't see how Sun can blame Ben unless she just blames him for his overall evil-ness. This will be interesting to watch though.

*How is Ben going to get Hurley to go with him back to the Island? We know Hurley's out of jail, so how will be convinced? I guess now that Sayid is on Ben's side, Hurley will go too.

*Will Locke be successful in getting off the Island via the Orchid station? How will he know what to do? Where/when will it drop him?

*Will Sawyer and Faraday start feeling the effects of the "sickness?" Can they stop it before the O6 get back to the Island?

Of course, as this is Lost, there are a number of other questions, but we'll address those after tonight's episode. See you tomorrow!

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