Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lost - "Dead Is Dead"

Tonight brings us the Ben-centric episode "Dead Is Dead." When last we saw the adult Benjamin Linus in "What Happened, Happened," he was looking pretty frightened with a resurrected Locke watching him recuperate from Sun's oar to the head. Last we saw Little Ben, Richard was taking him, dying, into The Temple to bring him back to health. As we have been getting flashbacks recently, I imagine we will be getting a heaping taste of Island mythology through Ben's flashbacks to when he was recovering form the gunshot wound (which is really the present for the O6 and Left Behinders) after visiting The Temple and his time with The Hostiles. Other things I'm looking forward to seeing tonight:

*This awkward conversation:

LOCKE:, like, killed me. What's up with that?

BEN: Yeah, about that. See I was shot a long time ago, and it made me a jackass, but also branded me as the Island's chosen one. Then you came along and screwed that all up. You know, just trying to regain my rightful seat at the head of the Island's table.

LOCKE: Ohhhhhhh-kay....

*Come to think of it, there is an interesting parallel between Ben getting shot in the stomach, and living, and Locke getting shot in the stomach (by Ben), and living. Perhaps this has something do with being the preferred protector of the Island?

*Sun? Lapidus? you guys still around?

*From the preview after last week's episode, it appears we will see Ben go to the marina, from which he called Jack all bloodied and bruised in "316." We have to assume that he went to kill off Penny, who was floating around in a houseboat with Desmond and Charlie (Hume, not Pace) upon their arrival in L.A. Additionally, Ben said in "316" that he needed to make good on "a promise to an old friend," which I assumed was when he told Widmore he would kill Penny for Keamy killing Alex. Further, Damon and Carlton implied on last week's podcast that we would be seeing Desmond this week. It's about time!

*Where the hell is Faraday?

*Who is going to speak the title dialogue tonight? I imagine it will be during a Ben-Locke conversation, but I have no idea who will say it.

I'm ready for quite a ride this week. I've been eagerly anticipating some leaps forward in the past couple episodes, but haven't received them. We all know Ben is the biggest catalyst on the show, so for tonight's episode to focus on him, I think I'll finally get what I've been craving. I'm ready for it, although I'm going to have to wait an additional hour, or so, to watch it because I have a fantasy baseball draft tonight (nice scheduling guys!). I'm sure "Dead Is Dead" will be worth the wait.


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