Thursday, September 10, 2009

There Are No Excuses

Again, I have betrayed myself, this blog and you readers (are there any of you out there?) by not posting anything all summer. For this, I again, apologize. It's been a relatively hectic summer. I have actually been busy at my (temporary) job, my wife and I went to Disney World (awesome, as always!), attended a bachelor party in New Orleans, then my wife's grandfather passed away, so a trip across the country was in order. All the while I have been trying to look for permanent work, enjoy a little bit of the summer (no golf at all, which is sacrilege), and am now prepping for the soccer season. Of course, this whole time I've also been watching True Blood, Mad Men, Entourage, Big Brother, Top Chef, Project Runway, play Ghostbusters and Rock Band Beatles, and watch the Mets spiral into the lower depths of Hell. In essence, it has been a busy summer, and has left me unable to sit and think about interesting blog posts. I have one more big event coming up tomorrow (more on that in a second), so after that is over, I will be jumping back on the blog horse. Thank you as always for your patience. Here's hoping for a productive fall.

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