Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FlashForward - "Black Swan"

Tomorrow night's episode of FF is entitled "Black Swan."  What this means, I have no idea.  As we know, most swans are white.  However, some are indeed black.  These black swans are indigenous to Australia, a place that, of course, has resonance amongst fans of Lost (not to mention the Swan station).  I don't think there will actually be any reference to Lost, or really anything that has to do with Australia.  However, the black swan does have some meaning, not surprisingly, as a representation of antithesis, the opposite of the white swan.  If the white swan is supposed to represent grace and beauty, the black swan would represent awkwardness and thr grotesque.  How this fits with FF, other than their apparent obsession with birds, I can't figure.  Guess we'll find out tomorrow night.  My DVR cut off the preview for "Black Swan," but other things I'm looking for in the episode:

*As one of my commenters pointed out, Suspect Zero was nowhere to be found in "137 Sekunden."  Well, he was briefly seen in the Tigers Stadium security camera clip, but there was no further investigation into him that we saw.  I'd like a little Zero discussion this week.

*Speaking of Zero, I had heard incorrectly, Dominic Monaghan is supposed to make his first appearance in the fourth episode, not the third.  Therefore, he should show up in "Black Swan."  I still think he's Zero.  Hope we find out.

*What the heck happened to Nicole the babysitter?  They've referenced her the last two episodes, after giving her a lot of screen time in the pilot, so she must be important, right?

*Will Demetri come clean to Zoe about his flash?  Probably not yet, but I liked seeing the interatction of John Cho and Gabrielle Union.  More please.

*Is Bryce, the doctor who was going to kill himself, going to do anything other than be amazed at his second chance at life because of the flash?  What did he see? 

*What is the meaning of the dead crows?  Will the team go to Somalia to investigate the 1991 crow incident?  This reminds me of something I forgot to put in last week's recap: How the heck does the Los Angeles FBI office have the resources to send its agents to Germany, and then, presumably, to Somalia?  I know Wedeck touched on this in last week's episode (it was justified because Geyer mentioned Mark by name), but come on!  The FBI would be focused on cleaning up L.A. which, evidently, still has crashed planes lying on the runways at LAX.  I get it, the story needs to move forward, and the blackout was a glboal phenomenon, but perhaps having someone from FBI HQ accompany Mark and his team on their globetrotting adventures would be a bit more realistic. 

That's about it, specifically.  I, of course, would like to see more Olivia, and I want to know more about Janis, but the show is only 44 minutes long (excluding commercials), so I can't have everything.  If there's anything you'd like to see tomorrow night (or next Monday night, as my esteemed foreign commenters pointed out), drop a comment below.  Be sure to check out Jay and Jack's FlashForwardCast for an entertaining discussion of last week's episode, and check back here over the weekend for my recap of "Black Swan."  Until then...


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