Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FlashForward - "Gimme Some Truth"

Thursday night's episode, entitled "Gimme Some Truth," seems to be promising for some high-time drama.  In the preview at the end of "Black Swan," we saw glimpses of Mark testifying in front of what looked like a Congressional committee, a (sapphic?) fancy dinner for Janis, HUGE explosions, and Janis kicking some ass.  Not too bad for an hour of 8:00p television.  Aside from these moments, here's what I'm looking for:

*The full extent of Lloyd and Simon's involvement in the blackout will, obviously, not be fully revealed Thursday (Monday for my non-North American friends) night, but some hint to the reach and/or purpose of the conspiracy would be great.

*What did Bryce see in his flash?  Was he romantically involved with the woman he has been drawing?  Does she "save" him somehow?

*Suspect Zero?  Hellooooooo.  You there?  Anywhere?

*I have a feeling we won't be seeing a lot of Demetri on Thursday.  Not for any particular reason, but in past episodes, Mark seems only able to partner with one of them at a time.  Demetri was practically nowhere to be found in "137 Sekunden," and Janis was wholly absent from "Black Swan."  The preview showed us a bunch of Janis, so I think Demetri will be on the back burner this week.

*I want Mark to tell Olivia about his flash.  The dramatic irony at play in this situation is starting to make me feel less sympathetic toward Mark.  Yes, my love for Sonya Walger's portrayal of Olivia is well-documented (in just about every recap), and perhaps that is what is truly clouding my mind, but, as far as we know, Olivia is the one who is supposed to cheat on Mark in the future.  We should be sympathetic toward him until we have a full explanation of the Olivia-Lloyd dynamic.  Unfortunately, his refusal to tell Olivia about his flash is shifting my sympathies.  Seems like Aaron is going to pressure him some more to spill the beans, but we'll have to wait and see if he's successful.

*Speaking of Aaron, I'd like to see him receive some hard information that, indeed, his daughter is alive.  Up to this point, Aaron has really only functioned as Mark's conscience.  Yes, he did have the scenes about him exhuming his daughter's coffin, but if Aaron is going to be a fleshed-out character, they need to do the fleshing soon.

*Will Al step forward as a main character?  He was given that Celia bit last week.  Does that mean he will be moving into a more prominent role? 

OK, that's what I'm looking for on Thursday.  Don't forget to check out the FlashForwardCast with Jay and Jack.  Please drop a comment in, well, the Comments below with your thoughts, and, if you like what you're reading here, please pass the word on to your friends, colleagues and other watchers of FF.  My thoughts on "Gimme Some Truth" will likely be up next Monday as my wife and I are going to Boston for the weekend -- my first trip back to my alma mater in seven years.  Until then...


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