Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FlashForward - "Believe"

Hello all.  Tomorrow night's episode of FlashForward is titled, "Believe."  As the preview at the end of last week's "Playing Cards with Coyote" focused on Bryce and his search for the Japanese girl he saw in his flash, the title obviously refers to the Japanese character Bryce also saw in his flash that Nicole translated as "Believe."  I am not against a Bryce-centric episode.  Of all the main characters on the show, save Nicole, Bryce has received the least amount of attention, so finding out more about why he was going to kill himself, what exactly he saw, and what the importance is of the Japanese girl will be very interesting.  However, this episode is just begging to be compared to what is universally considered Lost's worst episode, "Stranger in a Strange Land." 

In that episode, Jack flashes back to Thailand, where he meets a mysterious woman (played by Bai Ling) who claims she can look into people and tell them who they are. As Jack has always wondered what his purpose is in life, he asks her to tattoo on him who he "is."  His tattoo's meaning is the title of the episode, "Stranger in a Strange Land."  He is then beat up by Thai locals and kciked out of Thailand.  The whole mess is very bizarre and really had nothing to do with nothing.  If "Believe" is mostly a Bryce episode and he is led on a journey to Japan, all I can say is that the payoff better be good.  If not, many Lost fans (which I would argue a supermajority of FF watchers are) may think FF has jumped the proverbial shark.  What else am I looking for tomorrow night?  Let's see:

*The only other person I saw in the preview last week was Demetri (stupid Cablevision DVR).  According to the written preview for "Believe" on, the FBI is going to try to track down the caller who told Demetri he was going to be murdered, you know, waaaaaaaaay back in episode two, "White to Play."  It's about time, right?  I'll be interested to see how they get back to this topic.  I really hope it's not a situation where Demetri says, "Remember how I got that call I was going to be murdered?  We should probably figure out who called me!"  Here's hoping it's more integrated than that.

*Jack from the FlashForwardCast does a Carackpot Theory every week.  Last week's was that Mike, Tracy's fellow soldier who told Aaron that she was dead two episodes ago, is Suspect Zero.  He based his theory on the fact that the actor who plays Mike is 5'9", 145 lbs., just like the description of Suspect Zero.  I went back and rewatched Mike's scenes in "The Gift," and we never saw his right hand, the one on which Zero is wearing a ring.  I'd like to see some information on the rings, their importance (do they block the effects of the blackout?), and whether Mike has anything to do with the blackout conspiracy.

*Will Lloyd, having won his poker game with Simon, really go public with their responsibility for the blackout?  Being as it is only November, methinks not.  What game is Simon actually playing though?  What is their true responsibility?

*I think I want some major Janis action.  She was becoming a favorite character of mine, so now that she has been essentially sidelined for the last two weeks, I want to see her make important contributions in the office this week.

*With major parts of their flashes believed to be eradicated (Olivia trashing the lingerie and Mark killing 3-Star), I don't suspect we'll see a lot of angst in the Mark/Olivia relationship this week.  This is A-OK by me.  At some point, their marriage will have to be strained again, so I prefer that the show take a break from it for a week or eight, and return to it next calendar year.  Mark will likely be busy helping Demetri find the caller, but what motivation does Olivia have on the show other than avoiding Lloyd?  I hope the writers give her something else to do.

*I don't expect a lot out of the Aaron/Tracy story either.  We received a massive download of information last week, and FF likes to have its characters take turns in the spotlight next to Mark.  Same for Wedeck, although I would like to see some more about how his wife ends up mothering that Muslim boy she saw at the FBI funeral.  And why is Wedeck so emotional all the time?  Not that I'm complaining: I have no problem with men showing their emotions.  He just seems to take everything going on in his co-workers' lives to heart.  Is there some motivation behind this?

*Oh, and who the hell is Coyote?

That's about it, folks.  Again, this looks to be a very Bryce-centric episode.  Weird Asian characters (words, not people) and mysterious women aside, I don't think FF will fall into the same trap as Lost did, however, there is always the danger of driving what has been a very compelling narrative, straight into a brick wall, and halting the momentum necessary to get the show through the doldrums of December and January.  Here's hoping the production team succeeds because FF has become one of my favorite shows to watch and discuss.  Speaking of discussion (segue!), if you have anything to ask, say or comment upon, please leave your note in the Comments section below.  Check out last week's recap for a refresher of what's going on.  Thoughts on tomorrow's episode hopefully up this weekend.  Until then...


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