Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FlashForward - "The Gift"

No, I don't think ABC will be airing a one hour version of the movie made famous for showing Katie Holmes' breasts.  Instead we will get a more PG-13 rated hour of one of my new favorite shows, FlashForward.  I'm hoping the show keeps its momentum after a great episode last week.  Here's what I'm looking for tomorrow night:

*From last week's preview of "The Gift," it appears we will be jumping around storylines rapidly.  First off, we see someone approach Aaron with the "truth" about his daughter.  I couldn't tell if the guy speaking with Aaron was someone we've already met, but I'm willing to bet it's one of Aaron's daughter's fellow soldiers.  It seemed after he dug up her grave he was finally satisfied that his flash was going to prove untrue.  Aaron is an interesting character who has been pushed to the periphery too often, n my opinion.  It will be great to see him move to the fore, and see his hope return with a vengeance. 

*Demetri appears to have his hands full tomorrow night.  Not only did we get a glimpse of a confrontation with Zoey (will he finally tell her about his flash, like Mark told Olivia last week?), but it appears he will attempt to infiltrate the Blue Hand.  He is Asian after all.  I do expect to see Demetri admit his flash to Zoey, but am unsure what the outcome will be.  I figure she'll be supportive and say that it doesn't mean his death, but perhaps she may want out of the engagement ("Why are you lying to me?!?").  If Demetri does join the Blue Hand, will he now work semi-permanently undercover?  I think this is a distinct possibility, and assuming the Blue Hand has something to do with the blackout, maybe that is why Demetri didn't have a flash: he will still be working with them come April 29th.  Hmmmm.....  Last bit: to me, it looked like Rutherford was the guy with blue hands raising his arms in the preview.

*We also saw in the preview that Lloyd approaches Olivia; about what, I'm not sure.  She certainly doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with him, at least in the little bit we saw.  Is this because she actually feels a pull towards him and her flash could come true?  What game is he playing?  Does he like her romantically, or does he have some alterior motive, perhaps trying to cause a rift between her and Mark so Mark will drop the Mosaic case?

*Our pattern of Demetri and Janis flip-flopping the focus of the B story may come to an end this week.  With Janis in the hospital, recovering from her surgery, she can't really do all that much.  However, in the preview we did see someone (and to me the someone looked like a white woman, based on her hands, sweater and hair) looking at a document that said, "We know you are one of us.  Demetris."  First off, let me say that I first pronounced the last word like this: "duh-MEE-triss."  As opposed to how it is probably pronounced: "deh-MEE-trees," like "something that belongs to Demetri."  Demetri's.  Does this have something to do with Demetri himself, or is it a request to meet at a Greek restaurant?  Either way, the first sentence is very interesting.  If it is Janis who received this note (is this the "gift" the title is referencing?), she is one of whom?  Something tells me the gay mafia doesn't work in such mysterious ways.  Instead, was this actually Zoey finding a note from Blue Hand that is telling Demetri has been accepted to the group?  Color me intrigued.

That's about it folks.  Again, the show has been developing quite a bit of momentum, and I hope it is sustained.  A few more great outings, and word-of-mouth should really propel the show to finding a larger audience.  Don't forget the guys over at the FlashForwardCast with Jay and Jack.  Please leave any thoughts or theories in the Comments section below.  I should be able to get my thoughts on "The Gift" up on Saturday, after I finally watch V.  ABC won't put the premiere episode online until then.  That's smart.  Make sure that all those people who are interested in the show, but couldn't catch it last night, are frustrated for four days, and perhaps decide to not watch it at all.  Great work.  Anyway, until then...


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