Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FlashForward - "Playing Cards with Coyote"

Good afternoon everyone.  Tomorrow night's episode is titled "Playing Cards with Coyote."  I really have no idea what that means, but because we saw Simon and Lloyd playing cards to decide whether they will tell the world about their "experiment," it appears that the title may be as simple as the fact that they are playing cards.  If this was Lost, I'd never think that title should be taken at face value, but as FF has been actually giving us answers to questions every week, the opposite may be true.  Only question is, then, who is Coyote?  I assume we'll get that answer tomorrow night.  Here's what else I'm looking for:

*How does everyone react to the meaning of Al's death?  Obviously, everyone will be very upset over Al's suicide, but how long does it take for them to realize that the flashes can be changed?  What does it mean that they can change their futures?  Who will even want to?  I hope this means Mark and Olivia will attempt a reconciliation, at least for a while.  How does Demetri accept his possible murder now?  Will he pull a Doc Brown and wear a bulletproof vest?   The characters' reactions to Al's series-exploding act will be very interesting.

*I'm also interested in whether my Prediction from "The Gift" will be true: that a person must proactively change their future.  This ties in with the question of who would want to change their futures.  I expect Mark, Olivia, Demetri and Nicole, obviously, would want to change their flashes, but what about everyone else?  Will the circumstances surrounding someone's supposedly "positive" flash actually reveal itself to be a horror?  Like...

*...Aaron and Tracy.  Tracy came back at the end of "The Gift," but what are the circumstances of her return?  I think something weird happened with that group that attaked her humvee.  I expect they are involved in the blackout, and perhaps Tracy is working for them?  I have a feeling something is going to go awry in Aaron's reunion.

*Will Janis still be recovering and otherwise out of sight?  I didn't realize how much I'd miss Janis until last episode.  I feel like I need to see her reaction to Al's death and what that means for her own future.  Will she decide to get pregnant now?  Will she come out to her co-workers?  Did she get her alarm clock back?  I hope we get some Ms. Hawk tomorrow night.

*In the preview for "Playing Cards...," Lloyd again referenced "our experiment" when speaking with Simon.  that certainly leads me to believe that my Prediction is wrong and that they actually were responsible for the blackout, albeit perhaps unwittingly.  The vibe I'm getting from Lloyd is that he's a bad guy attempting to go straight.  What is Simon's deal anyway?  Whose side is he on?  And where the hell are Suspect Zero and D. Gibbons?

In sum, I think we will get two major storylines tomorrow night: 1) FBI-related folk dealing with the idea that the future can be changed; and 2) a massiv edownload of Simon/Lloyd backstory.  We should also get a dash of Aaron/Tracy and Janis.  As FF has been getting better and better every week, I expect the same tomorrow night.  Compared to last night's V, this may be the best hour of television for the week.  Don't forget to listen to the FlashForwardCast with Jay and Jack, and if you need a refresher on last week, check out my recap of "The Gift."  Thoughts on "Playing Cards..." over the weekend.  Until then...


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