Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lost - "Dr. Linus"

Tonight's episode of Lost is titled "Dr. Linus."  Clearly, this installment will center around our favorite former Other, Ben Linus, and presumably his Sideways profession of European History teacher.  Something tells me that there is more to this chosen occupation than meets the eye.  Further, how will he interact with the new subsitute biology teacher?  And what will Ben's role in the "real" timeline be?  I briefly did see him digging in one of the graves on Boone Hill, so what is he doing there?  Is he digging up Locke's body?  Intriguing questions all.  Here's what else I'm looking for:

*Now that Smokey has gathered his army, what is his plan?  Does he have to gather the other Lostaways, or does he have sufficient forces?  What is his ultimate play?  What does he have to accomplish to be able to "go home?"  Clearly, I would like more information on Smokey tonight.

*In the same vein, what are Sawyer, Jin and Kate's alliances to Smokey, truly?  We saw Kate leave with Smokey at the end of "Sundown," but why?  Is she just trying to protect herself, or protect Claire?  Is Smokey aware of the danger her presence creates?  Is Jin "with" Smokey or not?  Last we saw, he was in Claire's tent of horrors. but did he have to swear allegiance to Smokey?  Did Smokey kill him?  And what about Sawyer?  We haven't seen him in three weeks, where he agreed to work with Smokey to get off the Island.  But why do I feel like he's conducting his greatest con?  I think Smokey's refusal to explain the bloody-handed blonde boy in "The Substitute" made Sawyer rather wary of the being in the form of Locke.  What will Sawyer do when he sees Kate is part of Smokey's coterie? 

*Do the Jacobins, the name I'm calling the group of Ilana, Lapidus, Ben, Sun, Miles, Jack, Hurley and Richard (and, yes, a reference to these guys), have any other reinforcements?  What can they do to stop Smokey? 

*Will Sun and Jin finally meet up in this episode?  As much as I want to say yes, I got majorly burned last week, so I will say no.  (It would be great if they did though!)

*Did anything happen to Smokey as a result of Sayid stabbing him with Dogen's dagger?

I think, now that we are at hour seven of the season, the season has begun apace.  Sides have been drawn, and the battle is about to begin.  There are obviously still many, many questions to be answered, but I expect the pedal to be to the metal for the rest of the season.  Ben episodes are always great thanks to the inimitable Michael Emerson, so I have no reason to think otherwise now.  I'll be back this weekend with thoughts on "Dr. Linus."  Until then...


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