Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lost - "Sundown"

Hey folks.  Sorry this preview post is so late, but work conspired against me this week.  Anyway, as we discussed at the end of last week's recap for "Lighthouse," tonight's episode, "Sundown," should be a Sun/Jin episode, if the pattern stays true to Season 1.  I honestly have no idea if it will be or not, but I am sure hoping so.  It has been two years since the couple has been together, so I would love to see them reunited.  Moreover, my love of Yunjin Kim's acting is well-documented here, so the chance to see her actually do something would be welcomed. 

I also mentioned last week that team Darlton said the season was divided into three six-hour blocks.  Tonight is hour six, so the first block is coming to an end.  This should be the last bit of set-up we need to get through (endure?) before the thrust of the season's action begins.  I don't really have any predictions for anything other than I bet this will be a pretty great episode with the Island factions coming together (Temple, Claire, Beach, Smokey).  Or, at least I hope it will. 

Again, sorry for the late post, but sometimes, the people who pay you just get in the way.  I'll be back later this week with a recap of "Sundown."  Until then...


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