Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Little Prince

The title of the post refers to tonight's episode of Lost. I know, I know. Almost half of my posts so far have been on Lost. Face it, I love the show. As I've stated before, I think the pilot was the best couple hours of television I have ever seen, and it completely hooked me. I find reading and discussing the show helps my understanding of it, so starting tomorrow, I will be offering a few thoughts on each episode. These won't be full blown recaps: for that, please visit the excellent work Ericka and Doc Jensen do. I'll just share some stuff that jumped out at me as especially relevant, shocking or just stuff that gets my fanboy heart racing.

For a quick hit of last week's episode, "Jughead," check out this video. My overriding thought about this episode was, "They couldn't find a better actress to play Ellie? I mean, my God, she was bloody awful!" See you tomorrow.


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