Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Once More...with Feeling!

So, I have done it again. I have changed the title and address of my blog. After showing the site to a few people, the feedback that I received was that people had no freaking clue what "Acceptus Omnis" meant and that it was hard to remember the site. I completely agree. Therefore and henceforth, this blog will be known as Entertaining Thoughts. My darling wife came up with the name, and I am truly in her debt for it because I was becoming obsessed with using something ridiculously witty or related to Back to the Future or Lost. Entertaining Thoughts obviously speaks to my love of entertainment, but also the purpose of this blog: the free flow of ideas and whatever enters my brain. So, please, sit down, have a drink, and enjoy. And write some comments so we can get the conversation going.

Now that I have the blog name out of the way, I am recommitting myself to posting at least one new post a day (and hopefully more), which, frankly, should be easier, as my job ends on Friday.

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The purpose of this blog is to have an exchange of ideas, but please, keep it clean and respectful. That's the only way we can ever learn anything. Thanks.