Thursday, March 12, 2009

And the President is Not Focused Enough?

There has been a lot made this week about how President Obama is supposedly taking on too much at once. The criticism goes a little something like this: the economy is the main problem facing the country. This should be the sole initiative for the President. He shouldn't try to reform healthcare. He shouldn't try to change energy policy. He shouldn't try to tackle stem cells. He shouldn't try to end the Iraq war. He shouldn't do anything besides focus on the economy. This critique has been the favored talking point of the Republicans this week, but has also been spoken by members of the President's own party.

So, if the economy is soooooo important, and the President shout only focus on that, and that alone (let's leave aside that he can't write and pass any laws, as that is Congress' job), you would think that Congress would be devoting all of their time to solving the economic crisis too. You would be wrong. This is what the House was worried about today:

Freaking pi!!!

Now, listen, I'm all about honoring science, especially after the last administration seemed to hate science, but come on. Time was spent writing, debating and voting on a resolution to honor pi?!? Maybe they should stop criticizing the President until they finish with this foolishness. At least President Obama is trying to solve the healthcare and energy problems.

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