Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lost - "Namaste"

Hello all. After a verrrrry long two weeks, Lost is finally back on tomorrow night, with an episode entitled "Namaste." Besides being how I sign off most of my Lost recap posts, "Namaste" is a Sanskrit salutation, literally meaning, "I bow to you." It is often associated with yoga, and is the traditional greeting of the Dharma Initiative. Most obviously, tomorrow's episode will relate to Dharma, and how the Oceanic 6's arrival may disrupt the new lives the Left Behinders have created for themselves. I've got a couple questions about this:

*In the preview for tomorrow's episode, we see that Sayid will not be trusted when he is discovered. Why? Is it because he will be wearing handcuffs when he is found? And where has Sayid been; where did he land when he disappeared from Ajira 316?

*Are we going to see Sun and Lapidus? I still contend that Sun should have disappeared like the rest of the O6. Perhaps she disappeared to a place that Lapidus soon found her? Did Lapidus disappear too? Should he have? If either or both of them did disappear, how did they happen on the rest of the Ajirans so that Ceasar and Ilana knew they took the boat? This better be answered soon.

*It seems Kate, Jack and Hurley will be greeted well with the traditional Dharma "namaste" attitude (leis around their necks in the preview), but from what we saw of Sawyer in the same preview, he is very worried that their new life will be in danger by the return of the O6. I thought Sawyer wanted to leave LaFleur behind and get the heck off the Island. If not, why send Jin out every day to search for Locke?

*Wouldn't Jin pepper Kate, Jack and Hurley with questions along the lines of, "Where the hell is Sun?!?"

*Why did Miles seem so...un-Miles-like? He was very submissive to Sawyer; not cracking wise like in the past. What happened to him in the last three years?

*Where is Farday? I need me some crazy physicist tomorrow night?

*Will we see Locke, Ceasar, Ilana and the rest of the Ajirans tomorrow night? Methinks no, although two episodes (and three weeks) without Locke seems unlikely too.

Anyway, I'm very psyched for this episode. The love rhombus will be back in effect (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet). More info on Dharma. The return of Sayid. Maybe the returns of Farday and Sun. No "enhanced" version of "LaFleur" before the new episode as ABC will now be airing Scrubs and their new comedy Better Off Ted during the eight o'clock hour. So, go back and reread the recaps to refresh before "Namaste." Here's Doc's, Erika's and mine.


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