Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lost - "LaFleur," Ctd

Well, it appears that all of my theories as to the meaning of "LaFleur" were completely wrong. Nothing to do with the Orchid station. Nothing to do with Rousseau's French crew or introduction to a new character with the name LaFleur. Nope, it was freaking Sawyer! That was pretty awesome, as I never saw that coming. I even heard that this was going to be a Sawyer episode, and not once did I think LaFleur would actually be Sawyer. Very cool. Anyway, some other thoughts on a pretty good episode.

*Seeing the statue that left the four-toed foot was cool. Clearly Egyptian-ish and OLD, carrying an ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life. We've seen Egyptian-ish hieroglyphics many times before (the countdown clock in the Swan, the Temple, Ben's hidden Smokey door). The Island has obviously been around for a while, as has the Frozen Donkey Wheel, as a point was made to show that the FDW as being turned by Locke at the same time the rest of the Left Behinders were seeing the statue.

*Felt really bad for Faraday that Charlotte's body disappeared. I think he would have like to have buried her. Then he saw what had to have been little Charlotte: heart-breaking! Question though, where the heck was Farday three years later? We saw Sawyer/LaFleur, Juliet, Jin and Miles. Where was Faraday?

*The whole Amy/Horace thing I think was only significant in that it showed us how the Left Behinders were integrated into the Dharma Initiative.

* Absolutely LOVED Juliet's reaction to successfully delivering Amy's child though. It got a little dusty in my apartment (my euphemism for "tearing up."). Elizabeth Mitchell really should be considered for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy. She's fantastic. Which leads me to....

*How incredible are Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway? I was thoroughly scared that my apartment might catch fire from their sparks. There was some seriously awesome acting going on between the two of them. I know Sawyer pines for Kate, but he really should be with Juliet.

*Thought the summit between Sawyer and Richard Alpert was excellent. I like the idea that the groups are sharing information and that the storylines are coming together. And the line about Richard's apparent eye-liner, a feature often decried amongst Lost fans, was a great shout-out to the fans.

*Josh Holloway's face ran the gamut of emotions perfectly upon seeing Jack, Kate and Hurley. He had hoped for so long that someone would come back for the Left Behinders, but he always thought it would be Locke. As far as he was concerned though, the O6 blew up on the freighter. It is going to be very interesting to see how he further reacts in the next episode to his friends (and especially, of course, Kate) returning. From the scenes from the next episode, it appears these three will be received well (leis and what-have-you), but Sayid will not receive a similar welcome. I still want to know why Sun is with Lapidus, as it appears she is. She should have disappeared like the rest of the O6. I really hope this is explained.

All in all, a pretty good episode with some amazing acting. It's funny, because for the first 20 minutes or so, I was actually kind of bored, but as I reflect on the episode, I realize how great it was to slow down and actually watch some character development. As always, check out Doc and Erika's reviews. Lost is off for two weeks, and returns on March 18th. If I read anything of interest over the next couple weeks, I'll comment here. Until then...


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