Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lost - "LaFleur"

Hello all. Wednesday's new episode of Lost is entitled "LaFleur." Now, you don't have to be from the same place as the greatest hockey goalie in history to know that "la fleur" means "the flower" in French. What this means for Lost, well, the most obvious reference is to the Orchid station, which on the Island, "is what makes time travel possible" (Doc Brown, 1985). Perhaps we'll be seeing the Dharma Initiative's exploration and construction around the Frozen Donkey Wheel.

Then again, in the TV listings I have seen (my cable programming guide, TV Guide, IMDB), the episode is listed as written above: without a space between "La" and "Fleur." Therefore, I am led to believe that LaFleur is actually a name, and most likely a last name. Now, the only famous LaFleur I know of is also a hockey player and not some famous philosopher or writer or anything, so I doubt there is any connection. But, do remember that we have some French on the Island (or at least we did. Thanks Rousseau!), and it's likely that Dharma brought in someone with a French last name. I feel an introduction to a new character is in our future...er, past. Whatever. Don't be surprised if there is some major Orchid station info, too, though.

I apologize, but I forgot to provide links to my favorite recappers for last week's episode, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." Here's Doc Jensen. Here's Erika. Here's mine. See you on Thursday (I promise. Well, if I don't get a job in the meantime.)


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