Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lost - "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham," Ctd

I'm sure you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for my thoughts on the latest episode of Lost, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." Well, here they are. As this episode was pretty, well, episodic (picaresque even!), I'll shoot a thought about Locke's new life as Jeremy Bentham and a question about what needs to be answered in the upcoming episodes.

*Ceasar has clearly established himself as leader of the Ajira passengers. Ilana, despite being a cop of some sort, seemed to defer to him. Interesting. They were in the Hydra station, the one used to hold Jack, Kate and Sawyer in Season 3. There didn't seem to be all of the cages we have seen before, but then again, we weren't really shown anything. As the Hydra station, we believe, is the only station on the small island next to the main Island, it's just possible we haven't seen everything yet. I assume the outriggers will be used to get to the main Island. Is that who we saw when the Lostaways were shot at in "This Place is Death?" Sure seems like it. Also, I assume it was Sun who went off with Lapidus, as she is the only woman unaccounted for. If this is the case, however, why didn't Sun disappear like everyone else did? She should have. Was there another woman on the plane that Lapidus knew? And where is Sayid??
Question: What is in Ceasar's past that made him the immediate leader?

*I thought the explanation as to how Locke got the name "Jeremy Bentham." Widmore spoke what the audience was thinking. That's good writing. Why wasn't Widmore's surveillance system set up when Ben arrived in Tunisia? Did he only figure out the "exit point" when Ben came to see him?

*Sayid working for a Habitat for Humanity-like charity? Atoning for something Mr. Jarrah? Question: How did Sayid go from charity to killer again, when he rescued Hurley from Santa Rosa?

*Loved seeing Walt again. Loved that Locke didn't want to put Walt through any more pain. I felt really bad that he still thinks his dad is alive.
Question: Are the Ajira passengers (whom I will now refer to as the Ajirans) the ones surrounding Locke in his suit that want to do Locke harm?

*Very funny that Hurley had to ask if he was actually talking to Locke, or if he was having another Charlie-like episode.
Question: What convinced Hurley to go back to the Island after he got out of jail?

*Thought here: Abbadon sure does want to make Locke feel bad for not convincing anyone to go back. Too bad he had to go do Fringe.

*Kate appears to be in a lot of pain of Jack. Is she in pain over Sawyer too? She really dug into Locke with that "Look how far you've come" comment. Very bitter, that Kate.
Question: What happened to Aaron? Did she put him up for adoption? Give him to Claire's mom?

*Helen died on April Eighth. 4/8. I love when they do the Numbers thing.

*I particularly enjoyed the kismet of Locke's car accident bringing him to Jack's hospital. Jack is clearly in his shame spiral here, voicing the idea that none of them (the Lostaways) are special. Jack also speaks of the mere "probability" of Locke being brought to Jack's hospital. Clearly, Jack is still "Man of Reason" at this point. As we have seen though, Jack is about to become a "Man of Faith." Or at least something closer to that. No real question here.

*I will fully admit to being completely confused as who to trust in the Widmore/Ben war. I want to believe Ben because we have been with him so long, seems like a true believer, and, honestly, Michael Emerson is a freaking awesome actor. Then Ben went and KILLED Locke! What the hell?!? He could have just let Locke kill himself if he knew Oceanic 815 needed to be replicated as close as possible, as we learned in "316." Is this like the situation with the Elder Wand in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, that Ben needs to kill Locke to take control of the Island back? That wouldn't explain how Ben got the "power" from Widmore or how Locke got it from Ben, but hey, ya never know. Thought Ben's reaction to hearing Locke speak of Ms. Hawking was simply realization that Widmore knew of Ms. Hawking.
Question: Duh! Why the hell did Ben kill Locke?!?

*Once again, bloody Ben. I think he's gonna have some splainin' to do when he gets up!

I thought this was a pretty good episode. I really like the confidence Locke is walking around with now that he's back on the Island. Being resurrected will do that to a guy. I could have gone into the obvious Jesus references (e.g. "he [Locke] was found in (nay, on?) the water;" doubting his need to die before being killed/sacrificed (like Jesus in Gethsemane); resurrection, etc.), but such allusions have been pretty obvious this season.

All in all, it appears that the series has been reset. The characters have new motivations for being on and dealing with the Island, and we have exchanged some old characters for new, much more interesting ones (Boone, Shannon, Michael for Ben, Juliet, Faraday and Miles), but it seems like we're going to go back to figuring out the mystery of the Island, and how to get home (if the Island isn't their Home). Further, it seems we will be getting flashbacks again to find out what the O6, Left Behinders and Ajirans were doing prior to the Ajira flight arriving on the Island. Very cool stuff folks. Very cool.


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