Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lost - "Namaste," Ctd

I apologize greatly for taking an entire freaking week to put up my thoughts on "Namaste." Here's the deal: I'm currently unemployed and while that would make you think I have plenty of time to rewatch the episode and put my thoughts up (I don't like to take notes while watching the ep for the first time), that is not actually the case. Besides trying to find work most of the day, my wife, who is a Broadway actress, is home most of the day every day. Therefore, as I have this opportunity to actually hang out with her, I don't really have the opportunity to review the episode. I promise to try to be better for the remaining 8 hours of Lost this season. Anyway, abbreviated thoughts on what, by all accounts, was a set-up episode:

*We better be told why Sun didn't disappear. My ideas? Either it's because she wasn't visited by Locke and therefore not "marked" by the Island, or it's because she gave birth to Ji Yeon.

*I continue to be impressed by Josh Holloway. His pangs for Kate, but his love for Juliet (whom he has been with for three years, as opposed to the three months he knew Kate) were beautifully displayed. Will Sawyer even want to leave and get back to his real time? Methinks, no. Unless Juliet can be convinced to go back to see her sister. Remember her?

*Loved the confrontation between Jack and Sawyer (who only wants to be called Jim or LaFleur, not James, further distancing himself from the O6). I think Jack really does feel relieved he isn't in charged. I wonder what a revitalized and relaxed Jack can or will do.

*Where did Faraday go? Sawyer said he has gone away, but to where?

*Frank Lapidus. Awesome pilot. Nuff said.

* How does Ben get all bloodied when Locke sees him? Sun hit him in the back of the head. When Cesar shows him to Locke (in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"), his face is all messed up. Hmmmmm....

*Sayid is screwed I think. We have to find out why he stopped working for Ben, so he won't be going anywhere soon, but as it has been leaked that at least two people will die before the end of the season, my bet one is Sayid (which would be a shame as Naveen Andrews is freaking great). I just don't see how he gets out of his predicament, being labelled a Hostile and all.

This was a nice, slowed down episode, getting everyone into their appropriate places to begin the season end run. I think the goal by season's end will be to get Sun, Lapidus, Locke, Ben and most likely Ilana and Cesar back to 1977. I'd like to know what the heck is going on with Desmond and Faraday. Anyway, a good deep breath before what will likely be a fantastic sprint to the finish in May. For refreshers before tonight's episode, check out Doc's and Erika's recaps.


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