Monday, May 11, 2009

Lost - "Follow the Leader," Ctd

Hello all. "Follow the Leader" was clearly a set-up episode, intent on moving the Lostaways to the places on the board necessary to enact the endgame of Season 5. As I have found with many of the set-up episodes, they have some great stuff in them, but ultimately fall short of "great" episodes. I figure this is because at this point in the series, I want as many answers as I can get, but know full well that I won't be getting them. Anyway, here's my thoughts on last week's episode:

*Well, I was partially right: the "leader" referenced in the title of the episode actually referred to any number of people. Jack was leading the group set on following through on Faraday's plan with Jughead. Locke was leading Ben and Richard on a path to fulfill Locke's destiny (whatever that exactly may be at this point). Sawyer was trying to lead the Left Behinder's to safety. And even Jacob, although not actively leading anyone, has been called into question as the leader of the Hostiles/Others by Locke (more on that in a second). One leader I did not foresee was Eloise. We had hints of it before, but clearly it is Eloise that holds the leadership position amongst the Hostiles in 1977. How did she get this power? Was she "chosen" by the Island like Ben and Locke? Did this lead to her falling out with Charles? I would like some more Eloise info please.

*Hey Sayid! Welcome Back! Impeccable timing that guy. You know, for a split second I thought Kate had been shot. I wouldn't put it past Lost to kill off one of their major characters in such a non-dramatic way, but I should have realized that they gave that random Hostile just enough lines to make you remember him. Classic cannon fodder. Speaking of Kate, she has been completely neutered this season. I mean, she had the one great episode with her flashbacks and reasons for leaving Aaron and coming back to the Island, but other than that, she has been pretty weak. That's not to say Evangeline Lilly's performance hasn't been fantastic, because it has. There just hasn't been much for Kate to do. Bring back the old, kick-ass Kate Austen!

*Is Locke really going to try to kill Jacob? Is that even possible? Part of me believes that Locke was saying that just to get a rise out of Ben, or gauge his reaction and see what Ben will do. Why would Locke bring all of the Hostiles on a mission to kill their "leader?" Does he want to make a show of it like Ben tried to do by having Locke kill his father in front of the group? Interesting dynamics going on here.

*Man, Juliet has fallen hard for Sawyer. She is willing to return to the States and go on the lam, in 1977, never seeing her sister and nephew again, all for the big lug. And she hates her some Kate. Her look to Sawyer upon Kate entering the sub was classic. Methinks there was also a hint of knowing that she has already lost him back to Kate. Poor Juliet. She'll just have to go back to Ben.

*Sawyer has to try to save the day. I think Miles and Hurley were right that Sawyer must have some kind of plan and will try to save everyone. I think his plan truly is to get the hell of the Island, everyone else be damned, as long as he is with Juliet. However, I think whatever transformation occurred during those three years has made him into a man who feels a responsibility towards others, and not just for himself. There is no way he is going to leave Miles, Hurley and Jin behind.

Quick Stuff:

*Loved the Hurley History Quiz. There was no Korean War....hehehe. Brilliant stuff!

*As I mentioned in last week's recap, this whole "let's blow up Jughead" thing is ridiculous. I can't imagine there is any way this is going to happen. I'm not sure how the Incident will go down, but it won't be blowing up the bomb.

*Kate does still have some strong feelings for Jack. Her resentment toward his desire to wipe out the past was palpable. Jack, go to her!

That's all I have for now. I didn't have time to rewatch the episode, so that's the best I have from memory of last Wednesday. If I think of anything else, I'll post it today or tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow I'll get up questions for the two-hour finale, "The Incident." I can't tell you how psyched I am for this episode. The season will be over, which will make me despondent, but I love me two hours of Lost! Check out Erika and Doc Jensen's recaps before then.


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