Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost - "The Incident"

Hello all. Well, we have done it. We've reached the end of Season 5 of Lost. It's very sad, I know. But, we have what is shaping up to be an amazing two hour finale tonight. There are so many questions that could be answered, and I'm sure a few more that will be asked. Just an FYI, I have remained spoiler-free, so any predictions below that actually do come true are completely coincidental and extremely lucky. Here is what I am looking for tonight, character by character (both inanimate, animate and otherworldly included):

*Dharma: What is "The Incident?" Is it the release of electromagnetism that necessitates the installation of the Button and our favorite Numbers? Or is it...

*Jughead: Will it be detonated? Personally, I don't think so. Something is going to interfere with Jack's plan (Sawyer? Science? The Incident?) and I think he will have another crisis of faith. For the record, I think the Incident is the aforementioned release of electromagnetism, which will be sufficient to send the everyone in 1977 back to 2007.

*Jack: As mentioned above, his plan will run afoul. We have seen a new Jack emerge after landing in 1977: more passive, more faithful. I don't think that can last. The destruction of his plan will jolt the new Jack back into old form. The Man of Science will be back.

*Kate: She has really been getting on my nerves. She used to be so kick-ass, but has just become a third wheel, not just in the Sawyer-Juliet relationship, but just in general. I agree with Erika that Kate will tell Sawyer about Jack's plan, which will erase Sawyer and Juliet's relationship. He will then be motivated to stop Jack at all costs. Other than that, I have no idea what is in store for Ms. Austen. I don't want her to die, but I want her to be a motivated character again.

*Sawyer: The Man of Action will be back, this time with Super-Sympathetic Powers! Sayer has obviously changed in the past three years back in Dharmaville; he has become a fully realized man with feelings of sympathy and responsibility. Once he hears that Jack is planning to detonate a bomb, possibly killing everyone on the Island, and destroying his relationship with Juliet, Sawyer will try to save Jack from himself.

*Juliet: She is...shall we say....angry about Kate's return. She will be motivated to stop Jack too (methinks she still has a twinge of feeling for the doc, as well), but I believe she has come to the realization that her time with Sawyer has come to an end. Don't be surprised if she "accidentally" puts Kate in the crossfire though.

*Sayid: What does Sayid have left to live for? Nadia is dead. His life had been destroyed by serving Ben (despite the respite in the Dominican Republic). He shot Little Ben (a child!), but he lived, thereby negating the reason for trying to kill him in the first place. I think he feels like he is stuck in some cosmic joke, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up sacrificing himself for his friends.

*Jin, Miles, Hurley: I hope none of these guys die. I want to see Jin back with Sun tonight. I want Miles to be a hero in some capacity (now that he has realized why his father left him and his mother). I want to know why Hurley came back to the Island and what is in the guitar case. I'm pretty sure Jin and Hurley are safe (there would be riots if Hurley was killed), but I'm not so sure about our resident ghost whisperer.

*Locke: Is he a ghost? Is he Smokey? Is he human still? Does he really want to kill Jacob? Does he really know how to get the folks back from 1977? What is his true motivation? Why does he like fruit so much?

*Ben: What is his plan? Ben always has a plan. I can't imagine Ben can take being Locke's lap dog any longer, damn what Alex said to him. Has Ben really seen Jacob, or has the whole thing really been a ruse?

*Richard: What is this guy's deal? I hope we get a heaping helping of Richard backstory. How did he become the Island's consigliere? What does he know about Jacob? Will he try to prevent Locke from reaching Jacob? Is Richard really the mastermind here?

*Sun: I hope they give Yunjin Kim something to do tonight. After her fantastic Season 4, she has really had nothing to do this Season, save pointing a gun at Ben and hitting him with an oar. Come on, let's see her DO something.

*Ilana, Bram, Lapidus: What's in the crate? What lies in the shadow of the statue? What do they have against fish tacos? Who do they work for? As I have stated, I think Ilana and Bram are part of a new Dharma looking to reclaim the Island. How will Lapidus stop them? Can he stop them?

*Rose and Bernard: there? You have Vincent with you? I think they are destined to be Adam and Eve.

*Phil: Dead.

*Jacob: I can almost guarantee we see Jacob tonight, and more than a fleeting glance of him. I do not think he his Locke. I do not think he is Jack. I do think he may be trapped in a time loop, hence his vast knowledge of the Island. I do not think he will be killed.

*The Island: I predict everyone who is supposed to be in the "present" (2007 is the show's present), will be, save what will likely be at least one casualty. No more time traveling. Further, I believe we will still be on the Island by the end of the episode. I don't think we'll see Oceanic 815 touching down in L.A. in 2004. My thought is that everyone will be back in 2007, ready to fight Ilana and Bram's crew next season.

*Corpses: Definitely - Phil. Likely - Miles, Sayid. Possibly - Rose, Bernard, Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell got the pilot for the reincarnation of the sci-fi series "V"). Long Shot - Kate, Jin, Sun. Riots in the Streets - Hurley.

I forgot where I heard or read it (I think the Official Lost Podcast), but Carlton Cuse said that tonight's Finale was his second favorite episode of the entire series (behind "The Constant"), so I'm expecting some really awesome stuff tonight. I am shutting off the phones at 8:59pm EDT and am going to be on the edge of my couch for the following two hours. There is a recap episode at 8:00, as well. I'm sure there will be lots to discuss after tonight, so I look forward to said discussions. As always, for great recaps of last week, turn to Doc Jensen and Erika, because you know the 8:00 recap is going to be lame. Until tomorrow....


UPDATE: I forgot about our favorite Iraqi, Sayid. The post has been updated with an entry for him and probability of his death tonight.

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