Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Watch Me on Millionaire

So, I taped my episode of Millionaire today. As I mentioned the other day, I cannot reveal how I did, but I would like to encourage you to tune in on Monday October 19th to catch me going for a million bucks. Check where the show airs in your area here. In case anyone is confused which person I am, I'm the guy.

I can say that it was a blast being on the show. The production staff (whaddup Kevin! Happy Jail!!) is universally fantastic, and makes you feel completely relaxed and eager to play. Also, Meredith is super sweet and immediately puts you at ease (well, at least she did for me). Once the show airs, I will give a full rundown of my time there. Until then, please tune in on the 19th!

P.S. A number of people there (contestants, production) told me that I should be on TV in a more permanent role. If there is anyone out there who is actually reading this, and watches the show and agrees, please feel free to contact me. That is something that I am greatly interested in.

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