Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FlashForward - "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps"

Hello all.  Interesting title for tomorrow night's FF, huh?  Seems like words a child would use, or parents would use when discussing bad people with their children.  Will we see the return of Charlie and Dylan, who have been absent from the last couple episodes?  I think it's pretty likely.  What else am I looking for tomorrow night?  Read below:

*In the preview for "Scary Monsters..." at the end of "Gimme Some Truth," we saw a whole bunch of Simon (finally!).  The teaser voicecover stated "Dominic Monaghan joins the cast," so I assume he's now here to stay.  We saw him with Lloyd, discussing the blackout and their responsibility for it.  As I have theorized, I think Lloyd and Simon are responsible for the technology used in the blackout, and perhaps its distribution, but not necessarily the blackout itself.  I expect we'll be getting a nice download on their situation tomorrow night.

*Also in the preview, we saw Simon, with a lovely lady, claiming he knows how the blackouts occurred.  It will be very interesting to hear who he believes caused the blackout (if it wasn't him).  Will there be a link to the Badass Asian Assassination Squad?  The President?  Somalians?

*The last images from the preview (before my DVR cut off), were of Olivia, Mark and Lloyd meeting up, in what appeared to be Mark confronting Olivia with his knowledge that Lloyd is the guy from Olivia's flash.  Those specific words weren't said, and the preview goes to great pains to make us think that is what is going to happen, so I have my doubts.  I think Charlie tells Mark that Dylan was in her flash, and Mark traces that back to Lloyd, hence the meeting (as Olivia is Dylan's doctor).

*When we last saw Janis, she was bleeding out in L.A., after being shot by the above-referenced Assassination Squad.  I expect we will see her survive the shooting tomorrow night, but I'm interested to see if she has any of the revelations I predicted?  Will this somehow move her toward her pregnancy?  Will she return to Maya?  Will she realize life is short, she should be who she is, and come out to her co-workers?

*As I keep looking for it to no avail, I will anticipate we will not be seeing anything more on Suspect Zero tomorrow night.  Call it a Reverse Jinx.

*Following the pattern that has been established (Demetri and Janis alternating episodes as the "B" story line), I expect more Demetri in this episode.  What he will be doing, I have no idea.  Perhaps he will finally receive a lead on his murder.  Perhaps he will finally tell Zoey (which is evidently the right spelling of her name) about his flash.  If he does, I expect her to laugh it off, saying she saw him in her flash, but then realize that she didn't.  Tension!

*Lastly, I expect Olivia, post-meeting with Mark and Lloyd, to finally confront Mark about his flash.  Having learned from someone that Mark drinks in his flash (who sent the text?!), she needs to hear from him about what it means.  Beginning countown to destruction of their marriage in 3...2...1....  Further, I expect ridiculous fawning over Sonya Walger by me after what will surely be some great dramatic scenes in the episode!

That's about it.  We may get a few tidbits about Al and Celia, or Wedeck's wife and the adoption of the boy she saw at the memorial.  Jay and Jack over at the FlashForwardCast were entertaining listener ideas that Agent Vreede, played by Barry Shabaka Henley, may be a mole or somehow on the side of the perpetrators of the blackout because he couldn't (didn't?) set the alarm to the FBI building in his flash (would he really be responsible for that?!).  Personally, I don't think so -- I think he's there for comic relief, but, hey, you never know.  Maybe we'll get some more info on him as well tomorrow night.  All in all, though, I anticipate an episode heavy on Simon and heavy on Olivia.  Not that I'm complaining.  Remember, check out my thoughts on last week's episode, and check out the FlashForwardCast with Jay and Jack.  Thoughts on "Scary Monsters..." this weekend.  Until then...


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