Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lost - Uh Oh

Yes, I owe you my thoughts on "Some Like It Hoth." Yes, I haven't posted in ten days. For this, I apologize. I actually went back to work this week. Before anyone gets too happy for me, it's a temporary project, which will probably be over next week. I will try to get my thoughts on the most recent episode of Lost up tomorrow night.

Anyway, I wanted to quickly link you all to this. Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond Hume on Lost, has been charged (along with ABC and the production company) with sexual harassment of a female employee. Obviously, I have no idea if the allegations are true. As the alleged victim (I call her "alleged" not because I don't think it didn't happen, just because, technically, until he is found guilty, the charges are alleged) brought her complaint to the appropriate employment committee and supposedly complained to ABC and producers of the show, it seems to be a pretty solid case. If Mr. Cusick is found guilty, what does this mean for the show?

Desmond is the favorite character of many fans of Lost. In fact, he has been positioned as, possibly, THE linchpin of the series. As Faraday pointed out in the season premiere "Because You Left," Desmond is "special," and may be the only one who can actually change the past. Would the writers/producers really kill off Desmond to get rid of the distraction of the trial (assuming that it wasn't already planned for him to die anyway)? I mean, ABC will fight this vigorously, which would kind of put the show in the clear for a while. Perhaps through filming of all or most of the final season? We shall see. We'll probably get a good idea what the strategy will be when ABC, Cusick and Grass Skirt make statements, assumedly on Monday or soon thereafter. Ugh. What a problem.

Who would have thought Lost and the law would come to a head again, and so soon?

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