Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost - "Some Like it Hoth"

Tonight brings us our last new Lost episode for the next two weeks, "Some Like it Hoth." There are two movie references in the title, although I don't know which would necessarily be more obvious. To most Lost fans, I guess the reference to Hoth would be. For those not in the know, Hoth is one of the planets in the cinematic classic, The Empire Strikes Back. I got this reference, but my first thought was the other cinematic classic, Some Like it Hot, the Marilyn Monroe-Tony Curtis-Jack Lemmon comedy. This may be the funniest movie of all time. And don't take my word for it, the American Film Institute says so too! Now, I seriously doubt Lost will be referencing a movie about men dressing as women and joining an all-woman band to avoid the mob. But, hey, ya never know.

What we do know, is that tonight's episode will center on Miles and his conversations with the dead. Which dead bodies will he be talking to tonight? No idea. According to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the episode is more of a "fun" episode than one that will drastically move the plot forward; kind of like most of the Hurley-centric episodes. Essentially, they wanted to investigate Miles' backstory, and knew they could have some fun with our wise-cracking corpse whisperer. Obviously, with only a limited number of hours left to tell the remaining story of Lost, every episode has to move the story forward, so we will get some movement. I just think the balance will be a little less drama, and a little more fun.

In the parts that do move the story forward, here's what I'm looking for:

*Where the heck is Faraday?!?!? I know I keep harping on this, but he was such a big part of the beginning of this season, and he has all but disappeared. Get the Island's Doc Brown back on the screen please!

*I think from the preview of tonight's episode from last week (I only watch the preview once at the end of the episode I'm watching, then I stick my fingers in my ears and close my eyes for the next week whenever a commercial comes on), Miles makes a reference to the Purge. Will he warn Dharmaville proper of what's coming in 15 years or so?

*Now the Ben has been judged, and told in no uncertain terms to follow Locke, will we see the fruits of this new partnership? What are Locke's plans for reuniting with the folks in Dharmaville?

*I don't think we'll see it tonight, but if we do, what is the deal with Ilana and her group? Are they more mercenaries sent by Widmore? Could he have mobilized folks that quickly upon hearing from Ben that Ben was "going back to the Island tonight"? But we saw Ilana arrest Sayid, presumably, the night before Ben's phone call. What is going on here?

*Will Roger wonder where Little Ben is? How do the Lostaways explain Little Ben's whereabouts?

*What will the Star Wars reference be? I assume the title will be spoken by either Mile or Hurley, and more likely the former in some flashback as a funny quip.

I don't have many expectations going into the episode because of it's alleged subject-matter. I have enjoyed Miles' wit in the past, and have lamented it's disappearance in recent episodes, so hopefully we'll get a big helping tonight. Hopefully I'm wrong and we'll get a gobs of plot forwarding, but if not, I'm sure we'll all have a good time tonight. We better, because we're going to have to wait two weeks for our next taste. Until then...


Update: Don't forget to read the recaps for last week's episode. Here's Doc's, Erika's, and mine.

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