Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost - "What Happened, Happened"

Tonight's episode of Lost is entitled "What Happened, Happened." From the title, I assume we will finally be getting some answers as to what the true rules of time travel/space-time continuum/time paradox are on this Island. This is what Faraday told Sawyer a few episodes ago, but is it true? Sawyer also commented in "Namaste" that Faraday has some new theories about what can and cannot happen on the Island. I also assume that this information will be downloaded in the context of Little Ben being shot by Sayid in "He's Our You." Will Jack have to save Ben via surgery again, as he did in Season 3? Methinks we are heading down that road.

Then again, we have been told that this will be a Kate episode. Could it be Kate that actually utters the title? Will she be explaining what happened to Aaron, or whether she could or could not do what Sawyer whispered in her ear in the Season 4 finale? I know I said last week that I was expecting the show to take a leap forward, but I was pretty wrong. I think I will be right this time. Kate-centric episodes have been great in the past, and I fully expect for the streak to continue. Although I would like to see Faraday, Locke and/or Desmond return, I don't have any specific questions or expectations going into tonight's episode, so I'm just going to sit back, relax, and take it all in.


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